We Can Accommodate Various Types of Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation
Occurs when the speaker pauses between thoughts so that the interpreter can communicate the message to other individuals in attendance. The interpreter may interpret after every sentence or may take notes and then interpret one or two minutes of speech at once.

Over the Phone/ Video Remote Interpretations
Is a form of consecutive interpretation done over the phone through video communication software and is available 24/7.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Presents the message from one spoken language into another in real-time on an ongoing basis. The interpreted presentation is then immediately broadcasted to attendees with no pauses.

Interpreting Equipment Rental
Is available to you and your company. We can provide interpreting equipment such as interpretation booths, headsets, microphones, etc for your next event.

Conferences & Conventions

Trade Shows


Corporate Meetings
Business Presentations
Trade Shows
& More


Doctors Appointment
Training Programs
Remote Interpreting
Physicians engagement with multilingual patients
& More

Your Industry

The Translation Boutique can service just about every industry. Don’t worry if your industry in not listed, click CONTACT US or CALL and tell us about your project.

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Have a question?